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Home Design Trends for Spring - September has finally arrived and, with it, comes spring, at last! Seasons bring new looks in every sense of the word: The colours of our outdoor surroundings, the clothing we wear, and the way we decorate our homes.

We’ve seen some home design trends for the season that we absolutely love: too many, really, to list in a single blog.

However, we were able to pick four of the top – and, perhaps, quirkiest – developments observed in 2015.

It’s all about the bathroom

In 2014, U.S. entrepreneur and investor John Rampton conducted a survey in which 31% of respondents admitted to remaining “in the bathroom longer than necessary to finish activity on their phone.” 

With the onslaught of mobile technology, people are spending more time in the facility that, on a fundamental level, is purely functional; why not make it an aesthetically nicer place to be?

Never underestimate the power of a gorgeous bathroom. If designed well, it can accomplish the same sensory impression as a day at the spa, right in the comfort of your own home. 

However, the trend of using bathroom fixtures and elements as expressions of a homeowner’s personality is on the rise. 

Designer Thomas Coward uses pronounced components that go to show that a tap, for example, isn’t just a plumbing installation. 

Rather, like a plush lounge or a coffee table, incorporating special items like this literal bubble bath (a tub outfitted with exterior bubble-like shapes) into your bathroom can help inject your identity into every section of your new home.

Raise the bar

With the temperature rising, it would be a shame not to take advantage of your home’s outdoor space. One of our favorite ways to utilize it? Build an outdoor bar! We’re especially inspired by the recently redesigned Terminus Hotel.

Though not an entirely new concept, we’ve rarely met a beer garden that we didn’t like, and are mad for the idea of building one within your new home’s outdoor area. 

It may seem like an arduous undertaking, but with simple pieces like long picnic tables and elevated wood panels to drape Christmas lights or hang paper lanterns, you can create a chic-yet-rustic nightlife destination, right in your back yard.

Things are only getting greener

We’re hesitant to call this design approach a trend, seeing as sustainability in design is here to stay. 
We’ve already covered simple ways to make your home greener, but there’s good news for those who are building a home from the ground-up: Get as creative as you want!

One of the most aesthetically enchanting ways to make a home more environmentally sustainable is to use the sun; that is, build each room with maximum potential to be brimming with solar light. 

The effective and strategic installment of windows always helps, as does planning the layout of each room according to the sun’s position throughout the day; for example, rooms that largely stay empty during weekdays may not need to maximize sunlight as much as those with the most foot traffic before and after work.

Of course, don’t forget the power of paint colors! This HouseLogic article provides a great guide to the best colors to use in each room of your home, depending on its orientation to the sun.

Be sure to check out Sustainable House Day on 13 September, too, for all the latest and greenest in home design trends.

Build an indoor courtyard

As long as you’re putting the sun to good use, why not really maximize your home’s solar light exposure with an indoor courtyard? Homes with high ceilings are particularly conducive to this trend, as sturdy indoor planters can be used to support trees inside the home.

The “outdoor” feel of this space can be complemented with indoor garden plots for growing herbs and vegetables, bringing your home’s sustainability full circle. Refurbished lawn furniture, too, like a leather chaise, can enhance the courtyard-like ambience of such rooms, even when housed indoors.

What are your favourite design trends for spring? We want to hear from you!

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